Warning! This Is NOT A Sales Letter - It's An Extremely Time-Sensitive Message For 25 Of The Most Motivated Online Entrepreneurs...

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It's Re-Opened!

Announcing: Exclusive One-On-One Coaching Program That Reveals Our Revolutionary Blueprint Is Back And Much More Powerful Than Ever Before In Creating Your Six To Seven Figure Internet Business.

This Is The Best Coaching Program For You In The Industry Created Over The Last Few Years.  It Took Us This Long To Achieve Our Goal And We've Done It!

And Now We're Taking On A Very Limited Number Of New Students (Only 25) Who Are Absolutely DEAD Serious About Retiring And Becoming Financially Free This Year. 

So Only Apply If You're Truly Willing To Go The Distance And Make It Happen For You Now:

Space is extremely limited and here's why:

  • Due to the highly customized and very individualized attention (plus the passion and commitment of the coaches to help you succeed) the program only allows for 25 new students at one time...

  • Our coaches are fully experienced and passionate about helping you succeed...

  • They'll give you MORE one-on-one sessions than they have in the past - one hour sessions that continuously assess where you're currently at and what you need to do to move forward in building a full-fledged online business quickly...

  • You'll get unlimited access to our coaches via email for 12 full months - if you EVER run into a challenge or problem, or need immediate feedback on something, you have UNLIMITED access to them...

  • You'll receive a custom-tailored one on one coaching curriculum based on YOUR individual needs and goals - NO cookie-cutter program - this is a highly customized coaching for 12 months so it definitely works for you!

  • All of our experienced coaches collaborate together, so you'll draw from the wealth of ALL the coaches' experiences (they work together on every student!)

So if you're truly ready to quit "playing" business and start DOING online business, then complete the application form below to see if you qualify(applications will be carefully reviewed).

From Shawn Casey:

Dear Friend,
If you’re anything like me you want to know, what gives a person the right to be declared an expert on a topic, especially on the topic of starting, launching and growing an online business from scratch?
Unfortunately the online business world is FILLED with less than quality information (and training products).  And I’ll admit that even though I’ve had tremendous success, I’ve also been on the other side of the fence…
I first started out as a complete failure in online business. It seemed like nothing I did worked. But I refused to quit and kept trying everything I could find. Finally, I found something that worked. And I was off and running.

Now, I own several internet businesses that bring in millions of dollars a year. I've "cracked the code" for online success and I know exactly what to do - step-by-step.

Now, I’m not telling you all this to brag.  My goal is for you to understand that these results were not about “getting rich over night”.  In fact, all this happened only after YEARS of banging my head against a wall trying to figure it all out. 


There Was *ONE* Thing I Didn't Have That Would Have Eliminated All Those Years Of Aches And Pains...

And it's NOT what you're thinking...

What was I missing?  Keep reading and you'll find what it is (and it will completely change the way you build your online business forever, guaranteed)...

Now you can imagine I'm very thankful I went through all those years of failure, because something powerful came out of it.

I realized I became good at marketing, which led me to hammer out a system that I could duplicate step-by-step, each and every time... and see awesome results with it.

The result:

Over $30,000,000 dollars in sales over the last 10 years. I began teaching my step-by-step system to others who had absolutely NOTHING to start with (not even a product), but wanted to build a full-time income online very quickly.

Through my own trial-and-error experience and other business coaches I hired, I perfected every part of making money online, thus making our system complete. By teaching and training average Joe's and everyday Jane's our fail-proof system, our students saw consistent results.

People were finally seeing online success... usually WAY more than they ever had before. 

BUT... that *ONE* important key was still missing... and it was our students who were suffering!  If YOU don't have this missing "piece" either, you probably have to overcome things like this:

  • Weeks, even MONTHS go by and you're still waiting to start or finish building your online business...

  • You spend hours figuring out FTP, some HTML code, or some technical pain in the butt, so you close your browser and quit...

  • You find yourself spending more time convincing your family and friends that your online business will work, rather than actually building it...

  • Your spouse, kids, or boss are constantly pulling you away from working on your business...

  • Your biggest fear is that once you hit all the "millions of buttons" you have to hit to build your online business, you won't see any results...

  • You go from study mode to implement mode, then get frustrated so you go BACK to study mode for something easier... and then go back and forth again. The vicious cycle never ends...

And so on. 

Now if you still haven't guessed what *it* is, let me explain it to you...

What if I told you that the difference between you and myself is just one small (yet major) factor? 

Here's What Separates You From MY Success…

I had the biggest realization for my business in 2001 when I attended my first seminar on making money online.  It was called the “Las Vegas Internet Marketing Super Conference.”

By then I was making a full-time income from my online business, but I knew I could (and should) be doing much better.  I was just feeling stuck.  As the conference unfolded, I sat in my chair listening to every word from all the speakers and watching the other attendees.

It was then I realized something very powerful…

And everybody I have shared this with over the years has completely transformed the way he or she thinks about business and success.

I realized there was nothing really different between myself and anybody else in that room, from the attendees to the speakers. In fact, I probably knew MORE than some of the speakers and wealthy people that were present.

What I realized was that the only thing that separated their success and my success was...


That's the missing piece you've been looking for.  And experience is the only thing that separates YOUR success from my success, or anyone else’s success regardless of how much money they’ve made. 

Now I know this probably isn't a surprise answer to you, and it sounds pretty obvious.  But once you truly grasp this powerful concept, a dramatic mind-shift will take place for you.  If you’ve struggled up to this point, then know that today is the worst it will ever be for you because you’ll only get better once you start focusing on gaining experience. 

Now I can hear your mind saying... "how do I overcome all those challenges and build a full-time online business, if I DON'T already have experience?" 

You’ll realize that anybody can gain experience and there is no “secret fairy dust” that others have found before you. The only secret is to gain that experience in one of 2 ways...

A) Keep doing what you're doing now and gain the necessary experience on your own.


B) Dramatically short cut the process by having somebody that HAS experience show you exactly how to be successful faster, quicker and easier!

In other words, you could simply "borrow" someone else's experience who knows how to build a highly successful online business, and use it to build your own.  Personally, I would have given ANYTHING to have option B when I was struggling years ago!  But I knew we could offer this missing piece to our students so they wouldn't have to go through what I went through... ever!

So we created a groundbreaking one-on-one coaching program with HIGHLY EXPERIENCED coaches to help you implement our step-by-step online business building system.  And needless to say it was a huge success.  Check out what some folks have said...



"From Police Officer To...
Online Business Success!"

My name is Troy and I have been a Police Officer for 6 years. I woke up on my 39th birthday and realized I was not getting any younger and I definitely was not getting any richer. I bought an ebook online and I liked what I read. I received a call from The Success Team and I liked what I heard. I researched everything I was told and everything was true. Everything that has been promised to me so far has been produced. I listened to the webinars, I done exactly what my instructor told me to and on my second day of eBay listings I had (amount withheld for privacy) in sales in one day.

Are you kidding me? Sorry that’s what I keep hearing from my wife in the back ground when another sale comes in and as she plans our vacation next month. It has went from Branson Missouri to Las Vegas to Cancun, so far!

Well I think this is just the beginning of something a lot bigger and I hope an early retirement as well.



"They Do Exactly What They Say..."

I am proud to be with the success team. Taylor is a fantastic coach. When I had problems, he was right there for me. When I felt like nothing was ever going to be right, he got me back on track and kept me on track. He was, as they say, very user friendly. I could not have done it without him. I am 53 years old. I am dyslexic and have ADD. I have a 10th grade education. Taylor took me by the hand and led me through the steps with the greatest patience I have ever seen. They do exactly what they say they will do. I highly recommend them. This is the best training program and the only program you will ever need to learn how to make your own website.

Thank you, Taylor. You are the best.

In fact, our personal coaching became so successful and so in-demand, that we had to create a separate group coaching program to accommodate everybody!  We simply couldn't include everyone since our coaches could only focus on so many people at a time.   

But Eventually We Closed The Entire Program Down, And Here's Why...

Sure, we could have continued to profit from the one-on-one coaching program, but there was only so much of me and my team to go around. And it was taking up too much of personal time that I needed to focus on my business.

Plus... we don't settle when we know we can do MORE for you and take you to another level. 

We wanted to make it even better so there would be NO other online business coaching program like it! 

We brainstormed and came up with a list of ways we could really blow people away with.  Here's what we came up with to include in our powerful coaching program:

  • More unlimited email support - so you can ask as many questions on absolutely ANYTHING you need help with in building your business...

  • More personal one on one coaching- so you can develop a relationship with an expert who can take you by the hand not matter what you experience level might be...

  • More one-on-one phone support - you get an increased number of coaching sessions, so failure is never an option for you...

  • More highly customized coaching - you get a custom tailored regiment that's perfectly fit for YOU and only you (no cookie cutter program), so it's totally fail-proof for you...

And I can proudly say, that's EXACTLY what we've done!

It's officially back and reopened for business today...

It's better than ever, and I think we've achieved our goal in having it be, pound for pound, the absolute BEST one-on-one coaching program in the entire industry, period. 

Here's how we've made it even more powerful...

What you’ll learn in this breakthrough one-on-one coaching program will make you smile so hard your cheeks will hurt. Here are just some of the secrets you won’t have to learn the hard way:

  • What is the one thing almost all online marketers do to try and attract a customer… that actually repels them away?

  • 7 things you can do to dramatically improve your marketing power overnight that will double your chances of capturing eager clients!

  • How to quickly and finally rid yourself of lingering insecurities FOREVER that can sabotage your business success… and how to hotwire your mind for maximum performance!

  • How to pinpoint and then strengthen the parts of your business that will lead to the biggest returns in the least amount of time. This is the 80/20 principle on steroids!

  • The deadly mistake way too many Internet businesses make when trying to ratchet up their profits that all but guarantees their income will take a dip!

  • Why the so-called marketing “experts” are dead wrong in their ludicrous theories of big brand advertising—let us show you exactly how we set up our campaigns!

  • The 5 things you absolutely MUST do before you ever try to sell your prospect anything. Most marketers miss this completely and unknowingly kiss tons of eager traffic goodbye forever as a result!

  • The REAL reason most people are skeptical online and how you can use this to your advantage and build trust quickly after they visit your site!

  • Why most businesses absolutely shoot themselves in the foot when they try to sell a prospect…here’s the crucial thing you need to know and do differently in order to secure more business!

  • A sneaky secret the Internet “players” use to build their businesses into empires (insider information almost too good to be true)!

  • 6 simple things you can do in the crucial first month of your new business to ensure your long-term success!

  • How to develop a steely-eyed, unshakable confidence and charismatic power that will help you make better decisions, secure better business and attract both partners and customers!

  • A “slap yourself on the forehead” way to easily find out exactly what your customers are looking for and the best way to give it to them!

  • How to ignite “buying lust” in your prospects by NOT selling them the way they expect!

  • A simple psychological secret that makes people TWICE as likely to purchase your product!

  • Our proven step-by-step sequence for turning a “looky-loo” into a foaming at the mouth buyer…exactly how to structure your offerings to create hyper-responsive customers!

  • The ONE crucial thing you must do when first starting your online business that 98 out of 100 people completely miss!

  • The right way and the wrong way to make promises to your customers (most businesses do this all wrong and leave their clients confused and frustrated). Here’s the right way to do it!

  • The mastery level success secrets that will BLOW up your business to dizzying “G-Force blackout” levels of success!

  • How to plug into turn-key income generating models that will create huge paydays, passive and residual income!

  • A guaranteed way to avoid making the unpardonable sin (and all too common mistake) of trying to convert a prospect into a customer at the wrong time in the sales process!

  • A simple but extremely powerful positioning technique that forces the prospect to think of YOU as the authority and expert in your area of expertise!

  • How to set up your business so that your customers always view you as the best source for information and products!

  • Until you do this ONE thing blockbuster Internet success will always elude you. Finally discover the most powerful thing you can do to attract customers and build your business… and why almost no other marketers do it!

It's Back And More Powerful Than Ever In Building Your Full-Time Online Business...

We closed it down to rebuild it into quite possibly the BEST coaching program in the industry - it took us this long to achieve our goal and we've done it.

Here's why we believe it...

  • You get a complete coaching program that consists of 2 different 'levels':

One is a proactive support, which consists of one hour one-on-one sessions that continuously assess where you're currently at and what you need to do to move forward in building a full-fledged online business quickly...

Two is a reactive support, where you get unlimited access to our coaches via email for 12 full months - if you EVER run into a challenge or problem, or need immediate feedback on something, you have UNLIMITED access to them...

  • You'll receive a custom-tailored one-on-one coaching curriculum based on YOUR individual needs and goals - NO cookie-cutter program - this is a highly customized coaching for 12 months so it definitely works for you!

  • Everything will be contained in your own personal coaching member's site, so you can access all your past interactions and coaching session recordings, and listen to them over and over again to maximize your results...

  • The member's site will also let you track your progress continuously, ensuring you're on track to achieving your online business goals as fast as possible...

  • Our coaches are fully experienced and passionate so they will give you undivided attention for a full year, so you'll be working with someone who actually knows what they're doing!

  • Every coach is given a monthly marketing budget to test out new and different
    marketing strategies, techniques, tools, etc.
    , so they're always 'sharpening their
    saw', and constantly on the cutting-edge of online marketing -- you get to learn
    from everything that these coaches are doing
    , and all the testing and discoveries that
    they're making!

  • All of our experienced coaches collaborate together, so you'll draw from the wealth of ALL the coaches' experiences (they work together on every student!)

  • Due to the highly customized and very individualized attention (plus the passion and commitment of the coaches to help you succeed) the program only allows for 25 new students...

We're only taking on 25 students who are absolutely DEAD serious about retiring and becoming financially free this year.  So only fill out the application below if you're TRULY willing to go the distance and make it happen for you now...

Space Is Extremely Limited (Only 25 New People)...

So if you're truly ready to quit "playing" business and start DOING online business, then fill out the application below (applications will be carefully reviewed)...


Follow These Instructions Very Carefully If You Think You Qualify For This Program...

  1. Fill out the form below with your contact information accurately.  It's vital that you fill out the form completely and carefully with your accurate contact info if you want to be considered.

  2. Wait and be patient.  Your application will be reviewed by our team of highly specialized online business coaches to make sure you pre-qualify.

  3. You'll be contacted by one of our team coaches to discuss details and see if this really is the right fit for you! (Again, make sure your contact info is absolutely accurate.)

Again, this program is for 25 people only, and it's NOT for everyone.  We're only accepting the most committed and dedicated people who are ready to make wealth & freedom happen for themselves in 12 months or sooner. 

After we fill all 25 spots, the coaching program will be closed, and this letter will disappear. 

If you think you're truly ready, then we invite you to take action and separate yourself from the pack by filling out the form below...


To your success,                    
Shawn Casey
Mining Gold Corporation


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